Do You Own a Restaurant? How to Keep Your Skip Bin From Smelling

After spending time and resources to arrange your restaurant menu, ambience and location, the last thing you may think about is how to properly manage waste. Unfortunately, many restaurants choke under piles of garbage because they don't take time to plan for proper disposal. This often happens if you don't have enough garbage bags, skip bins or a plan for handling these items. One of the most immediate consequences of poor planning is a smelly skip. [Read More]

Tips for moving to a smaller home

There are many benefits to downsizing; a smaller house is not only cheaper to purchase, but is also less expensive to heat and easier to clean than its larger counterparts. However, the process of moving into a more compact property does present certain challenges, particularly if you happen to have a lot of possessions. Here are a few tips which should make the downsizing process a little less overwhelming. Get organised [Read More]

Hiring a Skip to Clean Out Your Garage: Useful Tips

Cleaning out your garage can be a big job, and you may want to hire a skip bin to make it a bit easier. Want your garage cleaning to go as smoothly as possible? Take a look at these tips: 1. Sort your garage before the skip arrives. If you are hiring a skip, you can have it as you clean out your garage, and that makes it easy to purge things as you find them. [Read More]

Questions Many Consumers Have About Recycling Services

Recycling and buying recycled materials are very good ways of making eco-friendly choices around the home, and as a consumer. If you would like to support recycling services more, consider a few questions you might have about the process. 1. What is meant by post-consumer waste? Pre-consumer waste is waste that is generated from production processes before items ever reach the consumer. This might include scrap metal created during metal fabrication processes, tin cans that have defects and which cannot be used, and the like. [Read More]